Friday, August 24, 2007

life's passion

so, stuck here at work, with my summer project completely, nothing left to do but do write ups, which will take me all of 20min to here i am day dreaming..what would my dream record label be.. not set not the name, but "life's passion" is a start for my record label name..below is a roster of all the artists,producers, and music people that will be apart of the label.

The Producers - The magnifecent seven

The Artists

So thats the basic roster for my record label. The line between artist/producer is very thin. i.e. a producer can be an artist and an artist can be a producer. In fact, i really shouldnt have made a division between the two except that sometime kanye's rhyming gets annoying to me. haha, so yea look out for us. we're taking over the music world and putting it back in the hands of the creative,insightful and soulful.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

blame it on ADD

i've actually been writing posts but like a lot of things, i get bored and don't finish it. i honestly think i have adult ADD. So in a vain attempt to catch up, here is a list of what i was gonna write about....

-hot new song: DJ Jazzy Jeff , Live at the DNA Lounge... its what real hip hop is like & Jazzy Jeff shows why he is one of pioneers in DJing, and he can still rock the crowd !!!

-Stress sucks!!!!

-stress makes me eat...

-went nite fishing wit billy. was fun, didnt catch anything so im dying to go out again until i catch a fish. My technique now is flawless...

-making a dope beat...y'all should hear it, its a kanye,Dilla style beat...

-absolutely love Macs now, have been on the apple webpage imac's came out..they look sexy, still gonna get a MacBook though and upgrade it..might get it at the end of summer to cash in on the deals they have at the UCLA store

-i'm addicted to xbox360, i want one..but know i can spend my time better & more productive...but oohh soo fun and addicting..played Gears of War with Rafael, intense.

-i want to put together a THinK biG!! mixtape..had an idea of indie music instrumentals blended with hip hop vocals.

-excited about Rosarito

-even more excited about Las Vegas!!! on the real, its really the only thing that keeps me going right now lol

-I have an intern presentation that i must present to the managers, other interns, people in my group and anyone else in the company that wants to see. Should be interesting. Still need a lot of work to do on it.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finding forever

Bought this album the first day it came out, haha during my lunch break. Well being the hip hop enthusaist that i am, i got an advance copy to get a sneak peek. Most of the tracks from the advanced album ended up being on the commercial release, which was a big dissappoiment. The album only had 12 tracks, and i've already heard 8 of them by the time the album got out. That's what i get for sneaking a peek.

After a the first week, i can say that this album is good but not great. Not as soulful or creative as "Be". A lot of the kanye beats get boring since they follow the same formula of a high pitched sampled chorus over a lazy beat. Not many tracks jump at you or move you. A lot of the tracks i heard from the advanced album i though were throw away tracks you would hear in a mixtape. However, there are three tracks that i do enjoy.

The first track that i enjoy is the single "the people", Common's flow carries the track and is one of the only more energetic, head banging joints. The second track is "so far to go" produced by J Dilla and featuring D'Angelo. Now this is one of the tracks that has some soul to it. Its smooth and seductive. Finally, "Break my Heart" produced by kanye is a head banger and is very catchy.

i'm gonna give it a another month to grow on me before i make my final judgement

Thursday, August 2, 2007

its a celebration biiiiiiitches!!

Happy bday shaun!
peace & love