Sunday, July 29, 2007

when your a jet , your a jet all the way

so yea, watch the vid above. these are inmates in a Philippine prison. so called OGs aren't true gangsta's until you've danced thriller...brings you back to the good ol' days when thugs & gangsta's rumbled in the yard by dancing it off ala "WestSide Story"

LOL, shit's funny!!!


nite fish

went nite fishing. it was dope. here's the pics billy. write up coming soon...eventually..when i have time...make up your own scenario.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its not you, its me....we're breaking up

So my laptop is crapping out on me. It was purchased for me by my dad as a high school graduation gift. So it has been a bit over 3 years. Usually, that is around average for the lifetime of a laptop; however, I started having problems 18 months later. The ac plug attached to the motherboard was a cold solder connection. Of course i didn't know this for a while, so i struggled with laptop. I had to hold the power cord at the right angle or else i wouldn't get any power. All this time it drained my battery. Long story short, another 18months later, this is how my laptop is: no battery (it won't work if I put the battery in) , fans are super loud & constantly on, new ac plug added to motherboard (but still broken newayz), had to buy a media cable to power my laptop (ie. 12feet of more cable to lug around), hardrive is slow, registry is corrupt, there are random process running on my computer, and among other things, if the processor works too hard, my computer just dies. All of this after investing about another $300 to save my computer.

In response, i'm converting to Mac. Sorry Josh & all ye mac haters, but i've been thinking about this for a while and i know that this is the path i must walk. To all my previous PCs, we had fun, we shared photos, music, reports, but its not working out between us. You fuss about a lot of the little things, and i'm in a new place in my life. Its not you, its me....

Now that the hard part is done, i think i'm going to redirect the funds i was saving for an iPhone and put that towards a new MacBook or MacBook Pro if i'm feeling like a mack. So technically, i can have enough funds by the end of the summer, but i think i am going to hold off until the new mac os comes out, Leopard. Check the apple website, it looks dope. So it comes out in later fall/early winter, so i'll get one then. Until then, i'm gonna use my old laptop, no matter how crappy it is. As long as it runs facebook, that's 75% of my computing needs right now. haha

edit: So Why Mac?
-Its based on Unix, which is a fundamentally safer and more stable OS than windows thus it is...
-Less prone to virus, attacks, spy ware, malware etc.
-The OS is more robust, The current Mac OS (tiger) does everything Windows Vista does and does it better, and it came out more than three years ago. The new OS leopard is gonna out leap Vista. Just check out this site.
-Speaking of OS, with leopard and even tiger, you can run windows vista on your Mac without having to do anything special.
-All of the software,hardware,& service our made by the same company, so it works efficiently and seamlessly. plus they look kooler
-Enough said


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ultimate Predator

Since being on this fast/cleanse, I have noticed that my sense of smell has been greatly enhanced. My acute sense of smell can pick out the smell of food miles away. Well not maybe miles, but i can smell what my neighbors are cooking and what people are eating in near by restaurants. For instance, when i was driving home from church, i noticed the smell of roasted vegetables being BBQ on a charcoal grill, then maybe 1000 yards later, i pass buy a house that was serving just that. On the real, its pretty uncanny. I would have to say it goes back to the our primitive human instincts. See me, I'm a hunter, not a gatherer. I can instinctively track and smell my next prey aka meal. Now if only i didn't wear contacts i would be the ultimate predator.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

love is you

My fav song right now is by her...Chrisette Michele's "Love is You" of her debut album(?) I am. Lyrics are the truth..the melody by the piano is simple yet deep. I downloaded her album just to give her a listen. I loaded it into my mp3 player and didn't even listen to it right away. Well, yesterday while i was working, i had my mp3 player on random and Love is You came on. I had to stop what i was doing and just listen because the song is that good. Well i did a double take and saw who the song was by. Since then i've been listening to her whole album and it is defintely a gem. Go buy the album and support..i'll buy her next one. ha.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

cleanse better be worth it in the end, friend

so check it, i started this cleanse/fast last friday nite. Its called the master cleanse and it was recommended to me by my best friend's mom. So basically, the cleanse is an all liquid diet which is supposed to clear out you digestive system as well as get rid on any "toxins" that are in your body. I'm not sure what "toxins" they're talking about but it sounds nice. Basically the routine consist of taking a laxative herbal tea before you sleep, then a sea salt rinse when you wake up, and you can have this special home made organic lemonade drink. Plus, all the water you want. According to the plan, one is supposed to be on it at least 1o days. So 10 days without eating....its day5 today, so after today i will be half way done. But the first day wasnt too bad. I was just hungry. However the second day suuuuuucked. I felt sick, my neck was acting up, i had a head ache AND i was hungry. I slept most of that day (Sunday). Since then the head aches get better and my neck is better. So right now, i don't feel hungry. But when ever i see food, i still crave it. Its all mental though because i still crave some of bad foods that i usually eat. however, while each day passes, those cravings become less and less. So yea, its lunch time at work right now, im about to go home and...well check facebook.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i'm stressed. i wish i was 7. Or rich. If i haven't been posting, its because i got other more important shit to do. hopefully life will return to normal soon.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the view from my cube

this is what i stare at...

this is what i laugh at...

these are the actual views from my cube...its almost lunch!

cube = cubicle from work screen shots of my desktop at work

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lunch with Kings

Today, when i took out my mom for sunday lunch buffet, i noticed a family coming in to eat. I first noticed the mom and her cute lil daughter. They must have came back from church because they were nicely dressed. The lil girl has a big smile on her round lil face. Then i noticed the dad and the son come in. The son however was disabled and was being pushed by his father in a special wheel chair. The boy was dressed like his father with a white collar shirt and nice dress pants. He had curly hair and another big smile on his face. While the mom and daughter went to get their food, the dad stayed with the son and made sure he was situated properly at the table. It took like 10min just to move all the chairs out of the way and make sure the kid had a good view of the table. The kid had a wide smile looking at his father the whole time he was helping him. The family for some reason was seemed like they were sited away from the rest of the people, as if they were isolated. Seeing this family reminded me of two things.

First, its summer time and that means summer camp. Right now summer camp for me is my 9 to 5. However, before that i actually went to summer camp. During one of my summer day camps, we had about 150 kids attend. There was one special kid though. And when i say special, i actually mean physically and mentally challeged. We were all about ten or so and this special kid was probably the same age. Well naturally the kid needs a lot of special attention and has special needs. However, I remember the first day of the camp. The kid's father dropped him off and hugged him and kissed him. However, the kid felt uncomfortable and his dad noticed and didnt leave. He stayed with the kid. I could tell that he was missing work because he was dressed up and his phone kept going off. The kid really couldnt tell where he was or why he was there but he did know if his dad was there or not. I didnt think to much of it at the time because i was only ten, but what i do remember is that one of the counselors remarked, " That father loves his kid"

Second, we are kings. That's what an uncle said to me at my friend's, marivell's, graduation party a few weeks ago. Well he's not my uncle, but one of marivell's. Well he's a vary gregarious, life loving guy. He said that after being in Iraq and living the life he's lived, he says that "We are kings!". We are kings. After going through everything with my mom's situation, and how we are still alive & kicking, how can the world not be ours? When i look at that family, they are on top of the world. No matter how bad things get in life, there are always people that are less fortunate than we are. It doesn't take much to be happy in life, just a reminded that we are already kings!

It was a good lunch. I felt more satisfied than all the food that was once on my plate.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

pay day

so 2morrow is pay day...and here's a picture list of all the things i covet right now but will not buy..

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hero of the day

Derek Fisher!

D-Fish was my favorite player during the Laker's three-peat championship years. He ran the offense, took charges, made clutch threes, and what just a selfless player all around. What is more telling is that his great basketball character is nothing compared to his human character. Derek Fisher's newly born daughter has a rare cancer in her eye. Being a great father, D-Fish gladly gave up the NBA $ n FAME so that he can move his family to be around the best doctors his daughter can have. Most real fathers would do the same. I just find it comforting to know that there are still good people around. If you wanna stay inside the NBA, look at what former big man, Dikembe Mutombo, does in his home country..need a link try
Prayers out to your daughter and your family D-Fish.


Monday, July 2, 2007

Trisha's hollywoodbowl bday!!

On that last evening of june, my family and I celebrated my cousin's, Trisha, twenty something birthday. Don't worry, i know the real number, twenty six? -ish? Haha, well its not the number that makes the birthday but the people who you spend it with. So in attendance were the entire Ortega clan, patty, auntie nini & uncle toni, nicole & luis, my mom and myself. So there were a good amount of people. Oh, if you didnt read the headline, we went to the Hollywood Bowl where they had a Sound of Music sing-a-long. It was my first time going to the hollywood bowl, and definitely, my first time attending any type of sing-a-long (save drunken karaoke). Last time i saw the sound of music was when i need to research my upcoming role in the stage production of the movie,...ahem, in second grade. So it's been a while.

So the fam came early so we could picnic before the show. Most of the fam took the bus however, my mom, patty & I decided to drive over. Parking was crazy, it wasnt too bad, but it was stacked parking. STACKED. I'm talking about 20 cars deep and 20 cars across. So you were really stuck and couldn't go anywhere if u wanted to leave early. So after we parked, we walked up the hill to where the picnic area was. I was actually impressed by the actual venue, it's nice. The fam found a nice picnic niche, affectionately called "picnic area 6". Don't let the name fool you. For the b-day cuisine, it was zankou chicken, humus, and other stuff that was gone by the time we had at it. Naturally, the young ones sat in one area, while the old ones say in another area. The section U crowd included moi, paul, ryan, patty, bday gurl trish, nicole, & luis. Good group. We had the better seats, better snacks (i.e. the cookies), better alcohol, & probably better jokes/commentary.

I forgot who said it, but the whole atmosphere felt like the sound of music equivalent to the star trek conventions. A lot of people were dressed up as their favorite character and the crowded seemed like it can qoute any line from any scene in the movie. Of course, they had a costume parade/contest. Nothing really stood out too much, a lot of families and kids wearing cute things. Some of the more creative costumes were references made in the movie...Paul and I, had no clue what they were refering to. We had "ahh hhaa" moments during the movie. For example, the winner was this kid dressed in what looked like a beige gumby cactus...the poor kid's arms were propped up as to fill out the costume. Well he was a "moon beam in your hand".........yea........ Well i'm thinking his mom put the kid up to it, but as the prize for winning, he got a 7 day mexican rivera cruise, thanks mom!

The overall singing wasnt bad at all. I was surprised how in tune everyone was. What kept me going though was the chance to make funny comments, ala Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and the anticipation of setting off our armory of "champagne" party poppers. Please see the pictures. Haha, so let me explain a little bit. Before the show, they were distibuting fun bags in which there were props which u were supposed to use at certain parts of the show. So one of them were these party poppers that shot out confetti and it was suposed to be used when the two main characters kiss for the first time. Well Paul & I decided that one popper each wasn't going to provide enough magic for the first kiss, so we went ahead and collected about 30+. After we spent some time, searching & grabbing, we lined up our poppers in anticipation. Of course, we havent really seen the movie, so we didnt know when the big moment was suposed to happen. We planned ahead.

Overall, it was pretty fun. Happy Bday Trisha! haha, i love summer nites. I like being outdoors on a cool summer night and being able to look up into the sky. Shit's dope. haha. Oh yea, the traffic wasnt bad either afterwards.


If u want to see more pictures check out:

P.S. upcoming thoughts on the immigration bill.