Monday, July 23, 2012

South of North America, North of South America

So just got back (kinda) from my trip to central america. There are way too many memories and stories to share to put down in this blog. So hopefully I can convey the gist of it..

So everyone loves pictures and that's what the people want...

  • To see the best of the best check out my flickr.
  • To see the more complete album (115 photos), check out my Picasa.

Also i made a mixtape of music i heard in CA. Its all over the place and a lot of the songs are english anyways but have some significance for the trip. Check out the mixtape on or by clicking the cover art below.

So for those that weren't aware, I went to Central America (CA)this summer with my friend Shaun and new friend Jack. Shaun I've known since grade school and met Jack on this trip since he hosted us in Nicaragua and pretty much showed us around CA a bit too. Jack worked mostly during the day while Shaun & I explored. So the basic itinerary was Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. We didn't plan too much and left a lot of room for spontaneity. I think that was best because it allowed us to explore a bit. Overall it was an adventure.  It was super hot and humid in all countries and I have plenty of bug bites as well. I got sunburned (mostly in Roatan, Honduras) and met some new friends as well. I wished i spoke Spanish, because i felt i could have connected more. Put that on my todo list please. The food was okay, only three real meals worth talking about: Pupusas in El Salvador, Machuca in Honduras (see video) and Cat Cora's kitchen in Houston hahahaha. Overall most of the countries reminded me of the Philippines in one way or another: developing tropical country, similar hectic feel, similar rural feed, western influence, brown people. What else what else...not to sure since there a bunch of things to say...after the jump is kinda bullet point list of what happened each day, if you're real interested, ask me about one of them.

i'll also post two videos of the two best stories i have from the trip..just been super lazy to try to find a video camera haha..but those will be up...