Sunday, September 9, 2012

Proust Questionnaire

So i'm not the greatest conversationalist when it comes to meeting new people.  Its hard for me to pull questions out of the air to ask that aren't just small talk. Small talk is good, but its just that, small talk. So in an attempt to find a list of questions that won't lead to small talk, I came across the Proust Questionnaire....

I remember vaguely James Lipton having his own version off the Proust Questionnaire that he uses in Inside the Actor's Studio. If its good enough for James Lipton & his celebrity guests, its good enough for me. So here are my answers to the original Proust Questionnaire...first take at least...

  • Your favorite virtue : Love, Humility
  • Your favorite qualities in a man: Bravery & Responsibility in the guise of Manhood.
  • Your favorite qualities in a woman: Loyalty, grace, warmth
  • Your chief characteristic: if i only knew... cool headed ness ??
  • What you appreciate the most in your friends: loyalty, non-judgmental, acceptance
  • Your main fault: lack of action
  • Your favourite occupation: film maker, record producer, entrepreneur
  • Your idea of happiness: having no regrets, sharing moments with loved ones
  • Your idea of misery: no hope, loneliness
  • If not yourself, who would you be? 
  • Where would you like to live? San Diego, NYC
  • Your favourite colour and flower:Blue, 
  • Your favorite prose authors: Tim ferris, John Wooden,
  • Your favorite poets: Tu Pac Shakur
  • Your favorite heroes in fiction: Batman, the classic hero where he has to sacrifice himself.
  • Your favorite heroines in fiction: 
  • Your favorite painters and composers: Van Gough, Mozart
  • Your heroes in real life: Jesus, Kobe, Obama, Pope John Paul II, Bill Gates
  • Your favorite heroines in real life: My Mom, All strong women & single mothers
  • What characters in history do you most dislike: Hitler,
  • Your heroines in World history: Coco Channel,
  • Your favorite food and drink: Sushi, Mexican taco shops, Coke
  • Your favorite names: Aaron
  • What I hate the most: Betrayal, arrogance
  • World history characters I hate the most: Hitler again
  • The military event I admire the most: Getting Osama...that's bad ass..
  • The reform I admire the most: 
  • The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with: Eloquence, Gumption, speed reading, memory,
  • How I wish to die: not lying down
  • What is your present state of mind: lost
  • For what fault have you most toleration? 
  • Your favorite motto:

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Anonymous said...

you didnt post your motto, or fav flower?? lol