Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lunch with Kings

Today, when i took out my mom for sunday lunch buffet, i noticed a family coming in to eat. I first noticed the mom and her cute lil daughter. They must have came back from church because they were nicely dressed. The lil girl has a big smile on her round lil face. Then i noticed the dad and the son come in. The son however was disabled and was being pushed by his father in a special wheel chair. The boy was dressed like his father with a white collar shirt and nice dress pants. He had curly hair and another big smile on his face. While the mom and daughter went to get their food, the dad stayed with the son and made sure he was situated properly at the table. It took like 10min just to move all the chairs out of the way and make sure the kid had a good view of the table. The kid had a wide smile looking at his father the whole time he was helping him. The family for some reason was seemed like they were sited away from the rest of the people, as if they were isolated. Seeing this family reminded me of two things.

First, its summer time and that means summer camp. Right now summer camp for me is my 9 to 5. However, before that i actually went to summer camp. During one of my summer day camps, we had about 150 kids attend. There was one special kid though. And when i say special, i actually mean physically and mentally challeged. We were all about ten or so and this special kid was probably the same age. Well naturally the kid needs a lot of special attention and has special needs. However, I remember the first day of the camp. The kid's father dropped him off and hugged him and kissed him. However, the kid felt uncomfortable and his dad noticed and didnt leave. He stayed with the kid. I could tell that he was missing work because he was dressed up and his phone kept going off. The kid really couldnt tell where he was or why he was there but he did know if his dad was there or not. I didnt think to much of it at the time because i was only ten, but what i do remember is that one of the counselors remarked, " That father loves his kid"

Second, we are kings. That's what an uncle said to me at my friend's, marivell's, graduation party a few weeks ago. Well he's not my uncle, but one of marivell's. Well he's a vary gregarious, life loving guy. He said that after being in Iraq and living the life he's lived, he says that "We are kings!". We are kings. After going through everything with my mom's situation, and how we are still alive & kicking, how can the world not be ours? When i look at that family, they are on top of the world. No matter how bad things get in life, there are always people that are less fortunate than we are. It doesn't take much to be happy in life, just a reminded that we are already kings!

It was a good lunch. I felt more satisfied than all the food that was once on my plate.

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