Wednesday, July 18, 2007

cleanse better be worth it in the end, friend

so check it, i started this cleanse/fast last friday nite. Its called the master cleanse and it was recommended to me by my best friend's mom. So basically, the cleanse is an all liquid diet which is supposed to clear out you digestive system as well as get rid on any "toxins" that are in your body. I'm not sure what "toxins" they're talking about but it sounds nice. Basically the routine consist of taking a laxative herbal tea before you sleep, then a sea salt rinse when you wake up, and you can have this special home made organic lemonade drink. Plus, all the water you want. According to the plan, one is supposed to be on it at least 1o days. So 10 days without eating....its day5 today, so after today i will be half way done. But the first day wasnt too bad. I was just hungry. However the second day suuuuuucked. I felt sick, my neck was acting up, i had a head ache AND i was hungry. I slept most of that day (Sunday). Since then the head aches get better and my neck is better. So right now, i don't feel hungry. But when ever i see food, i still crave it. Its all mental though because i still crave some of bad foods that i usually eat. however, while each day passes, those cravings become less and less. So yea, its lunch time at work right now, im about to go home and...well check facebook.

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shaun said...

oh it'll be worth it friend, but there's no real end. beginning of a lifestyle change!!! u know this...stay strong kid! i kinda went thru a sympathy "cleanse" aka food poisoning for u HAHA!!!