Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its not you, its me....we're breaking up

So my laptop is crapping out on me. It was purchased for me by my dad as a high school graduation gift. So it has been a bit over 3 years. Usually, that is around average for the lifetime of a laptop; however, I started having problems 18 months later. The ac plug attached to the motherboard was a cold solder connection. Of course i didn't know this for a while, so i struggled with laptop. I had to hold the power cord at the right angle or else i wouldn't get any power. All this time it drained my battery. Long story short, another 18months later, this is how my laptop is: no battery (it won't work if I put the battery in) , fans are super loud & constantly on, new ac plug added to motherboard (but still broken newayz), had to buy a media cable to power my laptop (ie. 12feet of more cable to lug around), hardrive is slow, registry is corrupt, there are random process running on my computer, and among other things, if the processor works too hard, my computer just dies. All of this after investing about another $300 to save my computer.

In response, i'm converting to Mac. Sorry Josh & all ye mac haters, but i've been thinking about this for a while and i know that this is the path i must walk. To all my previous PCs, we had fun, we shared photos, music, reports, but its not working out between us. You fuss about a lot of the little things, and i'm in a new place in my life. Its not you, its me....

Now that the hard part is done, i think i'm going to redirect the funds i was saving for an iPhone and put that towards a new MacBook or MacBook Pro if i'm feeling like a mack. So technically, i can have enough funds by the end of the summer, but i think i am going to hold off until the new mac os comes out, Leopard. Check the apple website, it looks dope. So it comes out in later fall/early winter, so i'll get one then. Until then, i'm gonna use my old laptop, no matter how crappy it is. As long as it runs facebook, that's 75% of my computing needs right now. haha

edit: So Why Mac?
-Its based on Unix, which is a fundamentally safer and more stable OS than windows thus it is...
-Less prone to virus, attacks, spy ware, malware etc.
-The OS is more robust, The current Mac OS (tiger) does everything Windows Vista does and does it better, and it came out more than three years ago. The new OS leopard is gonna out leap Vista. Just check out this site.
-Speaking of OS, with leopard and even tiger, you can run windows vista on your Mac without having to do anything special.
-All of the software,hardware,& service our made by the same company, so it works efficiently and seamlessly. plus they look kooler
-Enough said



shaun said...

good luck w/ the mac kid...i couldn't do it but i admire u for taking this step if it's what u feel u need to do

samantha said...

I wish I had a Mac, but I had to settle with whatever my parents wanted to get me.

I will try to mail you out a postcard next weekend!